For many years GEOfabrics has developed and provided a broad spectrum of tailor engineered geotextiles that are specifically manufactured to address many of the problematic ground conditions that exist beneath railway track.

RK1 is GEOfabrics’ standard separation and filtration geotextile for use with a new sand blanket or where there is an existing good quality formation with a small percentage of coarse particles, i.e. less than 10% by weight <14mm.

Extensive and continual testing and development has demonstrated its world class-leading mechanical strength and hydraulic properties and long service life under dynamic loading conditions. This is as a result of the products:


  • High puncture resistance
  • High elongation to break
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Excellent filtration characteristics at all strains
  • UV resistance

Where there is an existing formation with a larger percentage of coarse particles, i.e. greater than 10% by weight >14mm a more robust separator RK9 is normally specified.

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