A geonet consists of integrally connected parallel sets of ribs overlying similar sets with varying angles and thicknesses. Geonets are used primarily for their in-plane drainage capacity, GEOfabrics manufactures net based composites which consist of a net with a geotextile filter laminated on either one (FN) or both sides (FNF) of the net. 

GEOfabrics is able to manufacture composites using both Bi-Planer and Tri-Planer Geonets.

  • Bi-Planer Nets: consist of two sets on intersecting ribs with varying angles and spacing. The shape and thickness of the ribs can also be varied to meet requirements.
  • Tri-Planer nets: these have central parallel ribs with smaller sets above and below for increased stability and flow.

Net based composites can provide a cheaper and easier to install alternative to traditional drainage media.

Typical uses include:

  • Drainage behind retaining walls.
  • Drainage on slopes.
  • Drainage beneath foundations.
  • Water drainage to prevent frost heave.
  • Water drainage beneath sports fields, golf courses and other athletic facilities.
Net Composite