Protexia LFX is a multilayer composite that replaces half of the granular blanket in a landfill basal drainage system with a multi-layer factory manufactured geosynthetic that combines the drainage and membrane protection functions into one easy to lay product.

Protexia LFX composite brings numerous environmental benefits to landfill engineering:

  • Reduced use of expensive and scarce primary aggregate.
  • Void saving to allow more efficient, productive use of space.
  • Reduced haulage of construction materials to site.

It also benefits the client and contractor as:


  • Using the composite means lower material, transport and installation costs.
  • The CQA inspection can be carried out in a factory environment.
  • The drainage core has a proven flow rate tested up to 1000kPa allowing for use in the deepest of landfills.

Proven Performance
LFX has been in active use for over a decade and has been proven to provide an effective system for leachate management. The use of this system has provided significant savings to landfill operators: working closely with the Environment Agency and leading designers, Geofabrics has lead the way in innovation in landfill engineering using geosynthetics

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