The design of an engineered waste containment system is considered a continuous project, including all operational activity, closure and aftercare. The  selection of an appropriate geosynthetic should be considered during the planning and design stage and account for changes that are likely to occur over the whole life of the landfill

There are a number of challenges that need to be considered by a landfill design engineer when proposing a geosynthetic solution within a landfill development.

These include

  1. Establishing the required design life of the materials
  2. Establishing the geotechnical design parameters such as vertical and lateral forces, the nature of point loads, shear stresses due to waste settlement and predicting temperatures, chemical and biological stresses
  3. Forming an appropriate specification for the geosynthetic within the contract documents
  4. Making decisions with regard to the type and frequency of the CQA. GEOfabrics have over 20 years’ experience in landfill engineering and offer geosynthetic solutions in many applications:
  • Landfill Cap Drainage
  • Landfill Cap Membrane Protection
  • Gas Collection Below the Cap
  • Leachate Management Within the Cell
  • Landfill Basal Membrane Protection
  • Leak Detection Systems

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Landfill Cell