The construction industry has a growing responsibility to meet new environmental targets and to support the green agenda.

Developer’s planners and architects are increasingly recognising the benefits of a living roof, they provide an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly solution for a roofing system; it is for this reason that their use has increased year on year.

Green Roof systems will:


  • Help reduced urban heat.
  • Improve biodiversity in urban areas.
  • Improve urban drainage.
  • Enhance thermal performance.
  • Provide excellent insulation properties.

GEOfabrics manufacture water retention and drainage boards designed specifically for living roofs. FCP20 is a composite which is made of a cuspated sheet material with water retention cups to store water to promote healthy growth. The cuspate is overlaid by a bonded geotextile to prevent any blockages.

The core has excellent water retention capabilities carrying several litres per sqm of residual storage. This is constantly replenished with fresh water through infiltrating rainfall, once the reservoir is full this overflows and drains away. The filtration geotextile on the upper surface prevents the ingress of soils into the drainage system.

GEOfabrics also manufacture protection textiles (HPS) to provide an extra level of defence to the waterproofing layer of the roof.


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Green Roofs
Green Roofs