Gas Venting

With an increase in ‘brown field’ development and regeneration, engineers are experiencing a growing challenge to build on contaminated land.

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Gas Venting

Gas control systems are frequently specified by engineers for use below the footprint of new developments. These systems are designed to facilitate the effective dilution and dispersion of hazardous gassed in a safe way into the atmosphere.

One of the principal components within these systems is the gas venting matt. GEOfabrics manufactures cuspated gas venting composites which comprise of a HDPE core bonded to a nonwoven geotextile filter. GEOfabrics’ cuspated composites provide a lightweight and easy to install solution to create a decompression zone for the collection and dispersion of ground gasses.

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Substantial construction cost savings compared with traditional aggregate solution.
  • Reduced excavation and disposal.
  • High Crush strength and Flow rates.
  • Compatible with wide range of fixtures and fittings.
gas venting

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