Final Cover Systems

Once a landfill cell has been filled with waste it needs to be capped with a final cover system that keeps out liquid infiltration and provides effective management of gasses.

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Final Cover Systems in Landfill

The standard components within a final cover system

  • An erosion control layer (top soil)
  • A protection layer
  • A drainage layer
  • A barrier layer
  • A gas venting layer
  • A foundation layer

Design practices vary from site to site and as a result of national regulation and local conditions. State of the art design in landfill engineering has evolved from the use of natural soils to factory manufactured geosynthetics which allow for improvements in safety, reduced environmental impact and economic savings.

GEOfabrics offer geotextile and geocomposite solutions used in the following areas:

Membrane protection:
HPS geotextiles can provide essential membrane protection and provide a durable trusted solution to designers.

Combined protection and drainage can be achieved using GEOfabrics GPT composites, manufactured from 100% prime grade virgin polymer offering proven durability.

Gas Venting:
GPT composites can be installed below a capping membrane to provide an effective pathway for control and extraction of landfill gasses.


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