Coastal & River Defence

Flood alleviation and coastal protection schemes are now commonplace across the globe as we bare witness to climate change.  Whilst the effects of global warming may be considered as gradual and progressive, the threat of rising tides and the destructive effects of storms deliver an acute impact.

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Coastal & River Defence

At Geofabrics we provide a range of supporting resource to aid selection of the correct geotextile for these applications, taking into account the filtration characteristics, tensile strength, elongation and resistance to puncture.

In England, Government policy has included the Environment Agency’s Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management programme.  FCERM projects have included major civil engineering contracts to reduce the threat of our dynamic hydrology.  Works include: spillways, dams, reservoir improvements, stilling basin, lagoons, dykes, attenuation ponds, bank stabilisation, protection/reintroduction of wetlands, strategic planting and whole host of other flood defences.

Sandscaping, beach nourishment and rock armour are used to combat erosion and detrimental geomorphology delivered by waves, tidal or river energy.  Complex design led construction is used to reduce turbulent flow, tailwater jump and relieve hydrostatic pressure from within structures.  In contrast, we see rock armour and simple revetments on our shores to dissipate wave energy and to form groynes to counter longshore drift.

Filter layers are required beneath rock armour, accropodes, insitu and precast concrete armour where subsoil or sub-base remains at risk from hydraulic displacement. Traditional granular filter layers are time consuming and difficult to install within inter tidal areas: by using a suitable geotextile below such an application, two-way free movement of water can be achieved by a structure without risk of it being undermined through subsoil/subgrade displacement.  Careful selection of HPS geotextile will allow the separation/filtration of fine sand and clay.

HPS11C Coastal Protection Geotextile

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