A Protexia LFX composite replaces half of the granular blanket with a multilayer factory manufactured geosynthetic that combines the drainage and membrane protection functions into one easy to install product.

Modern landfill design requires a leachate drainage layer up to 500mm thick at the base of the cell. This fills hard won void space with equally hard won primary drainage aggregate. 

GEOfabrics LFX composite drainage layer 

GEOfabrics LFX is a composite drainage layer to be used in conjunction with only half the depth of aggregate whilst maintaining the same leachate extraction performance.

LFX provides numerous benefits to landfill engineering:

  • Reduces use of expensive and scarce primary aggregate
  • Void saving to allow more efficient and productive use of space
  • Reduced haulage of construction materials to site – a single truck of LFX can replace up to 90 trucks of aggregate. It also benefits the client and contractor
  • Using the composite means much lower material, transport and installation costs
  • The CQA inspection can be carried out in a factory environment
  • The drainage core has a proven flow rate and has been tested up to 1000kPA allowing for use in the deepest landfills


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