Aberavon Coastal Protection

Geofabrics HPS11C has been successfully installed below the rock armour on Aberavon Beach near to Port Talbot. With challenging low particle size subsoils, our HPS11C was ideal with its combined filtration and permeability characteristics.

Erin Landfill Site

Another successful example of Geofabrics HPS17 installed as the protection geotextile of choice at Erin Landfill Site, the former colliery site Duckmanton near Chesterfield. The HPS17 formed part of the large cell construction consisting of 40,000 m² of the material.

CuTex in Rail Infrastructure

Japanese Knotweed has a high growth rate, up to 2m in 30 days, and can force its way through many substrates including tarmac and concrete, resulting in safety and operational issues for railways by blocking signals, sightlines and positions of safety. In the UK, Network Rail neighbours are having issues when attempting to sell properties …

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CPD Lunch & Learn Presentation

Geofabrics offers free lunch time CPD seminars, that can be conducted at your place of work or, alternatively, at our factory in Leeds. Find out more by taking a look at our flyer below.