CuTex is a Geocomposite root barrier systems consisting of a copper sheet mechanically encapsulated between a woven polypropylene geotextile and a high strength nonwoven polypropylene geotextile. The copper acts as a signal layer that all plants avert their growth from. The copper foil only releases minute quantities of the copper ion. These do not constitute an ecosystem burden, or impact on groundwater. Plant shoot/root primordia (growth tips) are averse to growing into the vicinity of copper concentrations. In essence, the roots/shoots turn their growth in a different direction when confronted with the copper foil. These principles make CuTex a suitable barrier for Japanese Knotweed growth as well as all other plants.
In order to demonstrate the bio barrier performance of the proprietary CuTex barrier system a laboratory test was performed on a mixture of plant species including mustard, docks, meadow grass and Japanese Knotweed within a peat and compost based soil matrix. The trial was monitored over a duration of six months in which period it was evident that the rhizome fragments of Japanese Knotweed were actively growing beneath the Cutex barrier. The field trial was conducted within a climate controlled environment (20°C) with daily addition of moisture to the surface of the soil. Upon careful exhumation of the CuTex barrier, it was evident that none of the plants were able to grow through the biobarrier. Typically the roots made their way down to the copper foil and were either stopped or took lateral route.
None of the rootlets penetrated any of the Needlepunched holes, demonstrating the growth inhibited effect caused by the chemical properties of the copper foil insert. It should be noted that the CuTex barrier is a permeable system capable of transferring moisture through the geotextile sandwich and copper foil and therefore not prone to water logging in field conditions. The laboratory trial proved that there was no water logging of the soil above the barrier.
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